Birth & Pregnancy Negligence Claims

If you have suffered from birth or pregnancy negligence, you could be entitled to compensation.

We understand that making a claim is a new process for many people so we have a short list of questions to get you started to see if you are eligible.

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How Can We Help?

To help make the process easier and hassle free we have three major commitments.

  1. No Win No Fee*
    We offer a No Win No Fee service on all our cases meaning that if we do not win your case you don't pay a penny.
  2. Maximum Compensation
    The solicitors we work with aim to get you the maximum compensation available.
  3. Fast Settlements
    With a large team of solicitors handling our medical negligence cases you can be sure that your settlement will be quick and hassle free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a general rule, the less complicated your negligence and prognosis is, and the sooner you act, the faster your claim will be. Some unscrupulous insurance companies will try to drag proceedings out to put you under financial pressure with the hope you will, therefore, accept a lower offer. We are wise to their ways and can use the courts and law to help prevent this if it does occur.

No Win No Fee agreements work by minimising any financial risk associated with making a medical negligence claim for the client. If you do not receive any compensation, you do not have to pay your legal fees. 

If you win compensation (and a lawyer will typically only take a case on a no win no fee basis if they believe there is a very strong likelihood that it will) you will pay your solicitor a fee that is an agreed percentage of your compensation. 

If you have suffered medical negligence and are unaware of your rights, looking towards professional medical negligence solicitors can ensure they put forward a case so that you do not have to suffer physically and mentally. If you've suffered due to the negligence, you should take legal advice as soon as possible, so that you can collect the relevant evidence and build a compelling case.

*As part of the No Win No Fee agreement, the solicitors we work with will take a fee out of your final compensation up to 25%. It may be less but it will never exceed this. Certain cancellation fees may be applicable which is determined by the solicitors we work with once a conditional fee agreement has been signed. We will never charge you for using their services.

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